About Me

Most of my website is humorous or full of jokes. This page is more serious and truthful.

My name is Kyle Hickey, and I'm 22 years old.

I'm a game developer, programmer, web developer, yo-yoer, furry (I'll explain down the page), graphics designer, and juggler.

Yo-Yo & Juggling

I started learning how to yoyo about 3 years ago. So far I've progressed to the "Master" section on YoyoExpert. Check it out if you're interested, it's a great hobby.

Fritz doing a yoyo trick

Game and Web Development

I self-taught myself how to do game and web development, and have now been at it for about 7 years. I'm a member of both bAdGigabit (highly accclaimed iOS theme designers and iPhone devs) and Squigglybit (Kansas City's Largest game development studio).

I code all my own websites, and also have a background in graphics design.



This one is rather jarring to some, because of all the stereotypes around the group. I can attest that a good majority of furries are some of the most incredibly nice, talented, and fun-loving people out there.

Of course, not everyone. But how is that different from anybody else? For most, they just think it would be awesome to have an animalistic feature, like a tail or something.

Ever played Night in the Woods? Watched "Authur" on TV as a kid? Enjoyed Zootopia? Not so weird, is it? It's actually really fun and cute.

I think it would be DOPE to look like this:

Fritz, my fursona

That's about the extent of it, at least for most people.

By the way, this awesome art was drawn by Erixalu on Twitter. You should check him out!

Art Credits

Here are the artists that drew most of the art of Fritz that you see around my website: