About Me

Most of my website is humorous or full of jokes. This page is more serious and truthful.

My name is Kyle Hickey (yes, that's my given last name), and I'm 22 years old.

I'm a game developer, programmer, web developer, yo-yoer, furry (I'll explain down the page), graphics designer, and juggler.

Yo-Yo & Juggling

I started learning how to yoyo about 3 years ago. So far I've progressed to the "Master" section on YoyoExpert. Check it out if you're interested, it's a great hobby.

Fritz doing a yoyo trick


Yeah, furry. Although I can guarantee you're wrong about what one is. So wipe whatever you think it is from your head, here is the breakdown of it:

I think it would be DOPE to look like this:

Fritz, my fursona

That's about the extent of it, at least for most people.

By the way, this awesome art was drawn by Erixalu on Twitter. You should check him out!